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Created in september 2003, the "Chimiothèque Nationale" (CN) - French National Chemical Library - has for mission to federate collections of synthesis products, natural compounds and natural extracts available in French academic laboratories and to promote their scientific and industrial valorisation.

With a constant increase of its compound collection, the French Chemical Library offers more than 70,000 compounds and 15,000 natural extracts, having a large chemical diversity with original scaffolds and most of which have never been evaluated on biological assays. A large part of this collection is stored in a standardized barcoded vessels compatible with high- and medium-throughput screening (5mM in DMSO, 10 mg/mL for the extracts, 96 or 384 plates, shipped in a frozen package). These compounds can be requested as part of scientific collaborations, through simple, fast, low-cost and legally protected procedures.

It is possible to screen either the complete collection available in DMSO (> 52,000 on July 24th, 2018), either a representative sample of 1,000 compounds ("chimiotheque essentielle"), either a targeted subset (GPCR-like, kinase-like, etc.) either a cherry picking selection.

The Chimiotheque Nationale offers also the collaboration of chemical academic labs for hit-to-lead development.

Since 1st january 2007, it has taken the legal form of a "Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique (GIS)" between CNRS and 41 higher education and research organizations. The "Unité de Gestion de la Chimiothèque Nationale" (UGCN) deals with the operational aspects of the GIS Chimiothèque Nationale.

Mise à jour le 24 juillet 2018

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